Since years our clients benefit from our long-term experience in engineering, marketing and management as well as from our continuously growing network in Asia and Europe. In the last years we extented our business to many different countries. Our clients are located in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Korea, China, and India. Most cooperate with us especially for China. 

Internationally active companies usually face various challenges not only from the market side but also by unrecognized internal weak points. In case upcoming problems are not detected early or an effective solution is not found in time, internal and external issues accumulate leading to reduced performance and losses.

Critical and complex situations require qualified analysis 

and judgement from an objective perspective!

Our clients are companies mainly from the automotive area with focus on European and Asian markets. Tech-ibc provides support on different levels. We work successfully for companies, which ...

  • ... are already well established but are facing continuous loss of turnover and market share,
  • ... are in the process of extending their business and consider an efficient utilization of their resources
  • ... are already active in Asia today and want to improve their business there,
  • ... having expert knowledge or high-tech products and intend to join new market,
  • ... requiring interim corporate management.

Based on our expertise and support, together with us our clients optimize internal processes, and reduce costs and losses which finally leads to a higher EBIT. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) only report where you are, but not where you could be. 

We reveal previously hidden potentials and make them beneficial to our clients companies. We analyse the areas of interest, provide detailed suggestions for improvement and efficiently realize improvements in accordance to the targets of the owners or board members. In the course of many of our project we get deep insight into internal issues of our client companies. Accordingly, we pay strong attention to handle all received information confidentially.