To ensure a sustainable success of a technology-oriented company, it not only requires a technical valuation of its products and / or services, but also an extensive market analysis as well as a suitable product placement.

Based on the results of a qualified analysis and to be effective and successful, finally decided changes have to be implemented without delay by adapting the structure and the concerned internal processes to the targets. Only a management, strictly dedicated to improvement, can achieve this.

Profit by our Joined-up Competence ...

… because a sustainable improvement can only be reached, when product valuation, 

marketing and management are not separated timely and / or functionally. 

As a dedicated team of experts, that has the required competences 

in Engineering, Marketing and Management, Tech - international business consultants 

is capable to handle these three most important areas.

Such comprehensive service cannot be provided by big consultancy companies, lone individuals or employees. Mainly judging from a KPI-based level and by desk research, the risk is high that provided market information - and by this the whole marketing concept - is not working because the products or services are not understood in depth. 

Contrary to big consultancy providers, we are investigating the status-quo of a company in whole, integrating ourselves into the daily business and communicating not only with the board but with your experts and managers, to getting a detailed picture.

After deciding measures, the subsequently necessary implementation phase is time consuming and accordingly cost intensive. Nevertheless, this phase can not be reduced to a theoretical “introduction” of the employees into changes deemed necessary.

We don’t disappear after providing a solution and leave you alone. Instead, we actively support the implementation in person to guarantee success. If agreed, we take over an interim management at reasonable conditions and take responsibility for reaching the targets.

Compared to lone individuals our expertise is not limited to a certain area. A deployment of a lone individual makes only sense, if the task dos not exceed his range of experience. In our team we have the holistic view and thinking.

In opposite to internal employees or teams, which are fully integrated in the company’s structure and its policy, we can judge objectively and free of any personal motivation. Also it is possible for us comparing solutions with that of other companies.

Your Benefit

First, a dedicated team of experts is working exclusively for you. You have the full overview and control at any time. Basis for your decisions are objective and reliable information.

Decided strategies and measures will be implemented in close cooperation with you and according to an agreed time schedule. This makes our work clearly structured, lean and efficient. 

  • We not appear as an alien element in your company. We integrate smoothly in the existing structure and, as our experience shows, most employees soon take the chance to constructively support and cooperate with us.
  • Our experience leads to a high score in detecting weak points and potentials. You will get a new, comprehensive, objective view about your company, clearly edited “old” open issues and new insights.
  • Solutions, strategies and measures proposed by us consider the actual situation and your targets, and are based on our experience from other projects enhanced by expert knowledge usually not available in a company.
  • We also cover very special tasks, by integrating external partners in our team if required.