If implemented measures should lead to sustainable improvements, several steps with different focuses are necessary.

Usually in the focus are the products and/or services, the market strategy, the efficiency of internal processes, the company structure and the human resources. A thorough primary inspection must be carried out.

Due to many years of experience from various projects and extensive expertise, we are capable to identify root causes for even unseen obstacles in short time.

Increasing the success, we draw up a complete inventory taking into account the current business plan and strategy.

We unite engineering, marketing and 

management in one team!

Joined-up Competence Engineering Marketing Corporate Management

This Joined-up Competence is the indispensable core of our services, because it enables a holistic view on the areas of interest and a holistic thinking leading to efficiently implementable solutions.

Combined with our cultural competence this interdisciplinary approach qualifies us to find and to implement feasible and sustainable solutions for even sophisticated tasks in an international environment.

Our work offers you a new and more detailed view on your company. 

We edit collected information and report to you in a clear and understandable way. 

By this, we provide you with a reliable basis for decisions.





By our comprehensive engineering knowledge, especially in the many different directions of the automotive area, we quickly get a deep understanding of our clients’ products or new technologies.

This is usually the very first step in our projects and essential for a correct situation analysis and interpretation of results later.

From years of successful sales activities for products and services in Europe and Asia, we understand how markets really work.

A professional, effective marketing needs to involve the information of several departments of a company.



If necessary, we smoothly integrate into the company cooperating with intermediate management levels to follow-up. As extended arm of the owner or the board we manage departments or whole companies, especially subsidiaries in China. This allows us to implement optimized processes efficiently and successfully.

Usually, we also consider the human resources by getting an objective picture of the performance. As result we propose measures for motivation and coaching.

Additionally, we are also familiar with (price) calculations, international accounting, monthly and annual balances (e. g. IFRS, CAS, HGB), handling of import/export, etc.